Summer Training Times - September to April

Development squads 1, 2 & 3

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4.00pm-5.00pm
Coaches: Isabelle Renner (1), Bryce Schubert (1), Tyson Jelbart (1), Anne Sherman (2) & Chris Geyer (3)

These squads provides a transition from learn to swim lessons to competitive practice. It caters for children primarily aged between 7 and 10 years who are beginning their competitive swimming experience. Training sessions focus on the development of each swimmer's skills in all four strokes, improving fitness levels and learning squad training techniques. Swimmers build up to 3-4 one hour sessions per week.

Junior Country squad

Monday to Friday 5.00-6.30pm
Coach: John Jordan

Junior State squad

Wednesday and Friday mornings 6.00am-7.15am
Monday to Friday, 5.00-7.00pm
Coach: John Jordan

Senior squad

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 6.00-7.15am
Monday to Friday, 5.00-7.00pm
Coach: Chris Geyer

Most Wednesdays 5.45pm-approx. 7.30pm

Saturday morning sessions are usually offered to most squads in summer. Details regarding training times will be emailed to members.


Squad membership is determined by the coaches, based on skill and fitness levels, and the number of training sessions they are able to attend. The coaches will regularly reassess individual swimmers to see whether they should change squads as they progress.

A training schedule will be issued by your coach. Times listed are when your training sessions begins. This means that you should be poolside with drink bottle and training aids, ready to begin. Any questions regarding your schedule, please see your coach. Your coach will advise you what training aids you will require, i.e. fins, kickboard etc.

Training fees are outlined on Fees page