Food and drinks

Swimmers should plan to eat for competition days.
There are plenty of things that will work, and what is good for one swimmer is not as good for another. Some of the choices will vary based on timing - what works if eaten three or more hours prior to meet might be a bad choice eaten 30 minutes prior to a meet!

The meal decision requires some real-world testing, and with a day or two to go before the meet it may be a bit too late to try new things. Go with what you know works for each swimmer, regardless of whether it is a breakfast, lunch, or dinner type of meal. What is their favourite pre-swim meal? Go with it! It could be pasta, noodles, rice, cereal, toast, eggs, a sub-type sandwich, pancakes, waffles, even a peanut butter sandwich - as long as it is a meal that hits the main food groups, is easy for them to digest, and is familiar to them.

Get that main meal done two or three hours prior to swimming, then "keep the fuel tank topped off" with easy to digest, lighter food - fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, raisins, pears, etc.), power or muesli bars, sports drinks, a simple sandwich (peanut butter and honey, jam, etc.), low-fat pudding, rice cakes, plain toast, etc.

Feed them what you know is good for them and what they think of as tasting good and that they feel good eating. Most importantly, keep fluids topped up - water, cordials, sports drinks, even on cool days.