Tips for swimmers

Swim meets

Swimmers are required to arrive one hour prior to the swim meet listed start time for a thorough warm up. This is very important to allow swimmers to perform at their best in their events. Spectators will be charged an entry fee to the pool. Swimmers are usually free. A program is available to purchase, most clubs have a small raffle.

What to take

A chair, sunscreen, hat, and rug for the children to sit on. Sunshade tents are often useful and can be erected near the pool at many country venues. On colder days a sleeping bag, polar fleece blanket or doona is a good idea. Swimmers need 2 pairs of goggles, 2 caps, 2 towels and their Club t-shirt. A Club parka or swim jacket is useful to keep swimmers warm between events.

A pen and highlighter pens are handy to mark the programs to allow easy identification of the swimmer's events. Writing the event numbers on the swimmer's hand is a good way of helping them to marshal for their event at the correct time.

Food and drinks are usually available for purchase at each event, but it is a good idea to bring water, drinks and "energy food" of your own.

Marshalling for events

The marshalling board is clearly positioned at the pool. Swimmers are responsible for their arrival to the marshalling area. Wait in the marshalling area for your name to be called. If you do not clearly respond to the marshal, then you will be scratched - so be quiet and listen. Marshalling will be 3 events before the event in the water. If you are competing in events close together, tell the marshalls so they are aware of this while marshalling your subsequent event(s).