Governance at Bendigo East Swimming Club and pool

BESC is a volunteer, not for profit organisation. For over 100 years, our club has been nurtured with the time, dedication and passion of our volunteers.

We have an overarching Executive who preside over the club and pool committees, and we have general committees for the club and pool.

Our committees meet monthly and govern in accordance with our Constitution, by-laws, policies and procedures. We hold an annual Annual General Meeting where all positions are declared vacant.  We welcome all members to put their hands up and join our Executive, pool and club committees.

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Coach representative.

The Club and Pool each have their own general committees led by the relevant Vice President. 

Familiar faces in our Executive and Club Committees include

Kris Ellery


Kylie Addlem

Club Membership Officer

Sharon Bibby


Della Nhill


Sponsorship Officer

Marketing/Public Relations

Membership Officer

Uniforms Officer


Major Meets Officer

Minor Meets Officer

Coach Grievance Officer

Bendigo East Swimming Pool

Familiar faces in our Pool Committee include

Phil Downing



Kiosk Manager

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