Welcome to our club!

Now your swimmer has:

  • Attended a trial and been placed in a squad
  • Swimming Victoria registration fees have been paid
  • You have spoken to the lifeguards and organised the best pool entry option for your family
  • All forms have been completed and submit to the club
  • You’ve signed up to facebook, or TeamApp to ensure you stay abreast of all information
  • You’ve arranged uniform with our uniform officer
  • You’ve purchased the necessary equipment (merchandise, equipment and uniforms)

You and your swimmer
are ready to go.

First and ongoing swim sessions

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to your swim training in the right gear with your equipment, towel and water bottle.
  • Go to the toilet prior.
  • Caregivers are welcome to stay and sit in the Club Rooms, or outside.
  • Time trials are held only during Long Course (or Summer Season) in the 50m pool.
  • They are held on Wednesdays after 5pm to approximately 6.30pm.
  • These are an opportunity for your swimmer to participate in a competition at their own facility.
  • Caregivers are welcome to watch and volunteer to assist.
  • Only BESC squads attend this event, so it is a safe and welcoming opportunity to face those competition nerves.
  • Bring water, towel, snack and ensure to pay attention to when races are on!

First Time Trial

get your head around other commitments - swim meets

At the start of each season a Targeted Meets Calendar is emailed to swimming families. The Targeted Meets Calendar lets families know which Swim Meets the coaches would like their respective squads to attend. Of course, there is no expectation that swimmers attend all of the Meets on the calendar. We understand that families have other priorities and when you are new you may want to ease into swim meets. At a minimum, we ask that families attend any Meets that are run exclusively by Bendigo East (two per year). These will be held in July (Short Course) and November (Long Course). There is nothing stopping swimmers from entering other swim meets but please keep in mind that the coaches generally don’t attend meets that are not on the calendar.

These two events are also the biggest fundraisers for the Club – so it is often all hands on deck.  We encourage everyone to advise the Club Committee of their skill set so we can match you to your best volunteer role.

Weekends Away for Competitions

During the year, there are some large competitions, such as the Countries, State or National events, that go over several days.  These are qualifying events, which have times a swimmers must achieve at a swim meet in order to attend.  Families are often aware in advance that their swimmer might be attending one of these big events. 

We advise families in advance of the location so calendars can be organised and accommodation can be booked.  It’s a great idea to join our TeamApp and Facebook page to keep up to date.

Useful Websites and Apps

Don’t worry, swimming can be very overwhelming for new and existing families. Below are some websites where the best swimming information is close to hand. We use our socials as the way to keep abreast of swimmers stories, competition results and good news.

Swimming Victoria

Here is the place for upcoming swim meets. Sometimes there may be a meet on the Targeted Meets Calendar that is not up on the Swimming Victoria website. That just means it has not been lodged with Swimming Victoria yet and as the date gets closer it will be there.

Swim Central

When swimmers are ready to enter a swim meet this is the site you use. After you have logged in:

  • Click on Events on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the calendar and find the date of the swim meet you would like to enter and click on the date. If it has been entered into Swim Central you find a blue dot on that date.
  • Once you have found the meet you want to enter click on View Event.

Central Victoria Swimming

Bendigo East Swimming Club belongs to the Swimming Victoria Swimming District. This currently includes clubs as far away as Gisborne and Maryborough. The main purpose of this site for parents is to print out Swimming Programs for local meets. These can be found under Events and is usually posted a couple of days before a swim meet.

Meet Mobile is an App where you can receive the results of any swim meet. You can download it on both IOS and Android and it costs $10.49 for a yearly subscription (the monthly subscription is $6.99). You can choose your favourite swimmers and any time any of them swim anywhere your phone will beep to let you know their times. This is a great way to support other swimmers in our club.

TeamApp is an app many sports groups use. To request membership, download the App and search for Bendigo East Swimming Club. Hopefully someone will accept your request within a day. If your swimmer is old enough to have a phone it would be worth getting them onto the site as well.

Want to apply for A trial?

To register as a new swimmer, please click on explore more.
To register as a new swimmer, please
click on explore more.